Recent Publications

Scalable Techniques for Producing Field-Effect Passivation in High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells
Katherine A. Collett, Siyao Du, Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte, Zhaohua Luo, Phillip Hamer, Brett Hallam, Ruy S. Bonilla, and Peter R. Wilshaw
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, Vol. 9, No. 1, January 2019

Microstructural Evolution of Mechanically Deformed Polycrystalline Silicon for Kerfless Photovoltaics
Min Wu, John D. Murphy, Jun Jiang, Peter R. Wilshaw, Angus J. Wilkinson
Phys. Status Solidi A 2018, 1800578

Controlling Surface Carrier Density via a PEDOT:PSS Gate: An Application to the Study of Silicon‚ÄźDielectric Interface Recombination
Ruy S. Bonilla
Solar RRL, 1800172,

Atom probe Tomography of fast-diffusing impurities and the effect of gettering in multicrystalline silicon
David Tweddle, Eleanor C. Shaw, James O. Douglas, Ruy S. Bonilla, Michael P. Moody, Phillip Hamer, and Peter R. Wilshaw
AIP Conference Proceedings 1999, 130019 (2018); doi: 10.1063/1.5049338

Graphene oxide films for field effect surface passivation of silicon for solar cells
M.Vaqueiro-Contreras, C.Bartlam, R.S.Bonilla, V.P.Markevich, M.P.Halsall, A.Vijayaraghavan, A.R.Peaker
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 187, 1 December 2018, Pages 189-193

Hydrogen induced contact resistance in PERC solar cells
Phillip Hamer, Catherine Chan, Ruy S Bonilla, Brett Hallam, Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte, Katherine A Collett, Stuart Wenham, Peter R Wilshaw
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 184, 2018, pp 91-97

Taking monocrystalline silicon to the ultimate lifetime limit
T. Niewelt, A. Richter, T.C. Kho, N.E. Grant, R.S. Bonilla, B. Steinhauser, J.-I. Polzin, b, F. Feldmann, b, M. Hermle, J.D. Murphy, S.P. Phang, W. Kwapil, b, M.C. Schubert
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 185, 2018, pp 252–259

Modelling of hydrogen transport in silicon solar cell structures under equilibrium conditions
P Hamer, B Hallam, RS Bonilla, PP Altermatt, P Wilshaw, S Wenham
Journal of Applied Physics, 2018, 123, 4, 043108

Potassium ions in SiO2: electrets for silicon surface passivation
Ruy Sebastian Bonilla and Peter Wilshaw
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 2017

Instability of Increased Contact Resistance in Silicon Solar Cells Following Post-Firing Thermal Processes
Catherine Chan, Phillip Hamer, Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte, Ran Chen, Alison Ciesla, Brett Hallam, David Payne, Ruy S. Bonilla and Stuart Wenham
RRL Solar, 2017, DOI: 10.1002/solr.201700129

Effective Antireflection and Surface Passivation of Silicon Using a SiO2/a-TiOx Film Stack
Ruy Sebastian Bonilla ; Kristopher O. Davis ; Eric J. Schneller ; Winston V. Schoenfeld ; Peter R. Wilshaw
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2017

Shielded hydrogen passivation – a novel method for introducing hydrogen into silicon
Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte, Phillip Hamer, Ruy S. Bonilla, Katherine Collett, Peter R. 
Energy Procedia, Volume 124, September 2017, Pages 267-274

Method of Extracting Solar Cell Parameters From Derivatives of Dark I–V Curves
Brett J. Hallam, Phill G. Hamer, Ruy S. Bonilla, Stuart R. Wenham, and Peter R. Wilshaw
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, Vol 7, Issue 5, pp 1304 - 1312, 2017

Specimen preparation methods for elemental characterisation of grain boundaries and isolated dislocations in multicrystalline silicon using atom probe tomography
C. Lotharukpong, D. Tweddle, T.L. Martin, M. Wu, C.R.M. Grovenor, M.P. Moody, P.R. Wilshaw
Materials Characterisation, Volume 131, September 2017, Pages 472-479

An enhanced alneal process to produce SRV < 1 cm/s in 1 Ω cm n-type Si
Katherine A. Collett, Ruy S. Bonilla, Phillip Hamer, Gabrielle Bourret-Sicotte, Richard Lobo, Teng Kho, Peter R. Wilshaw
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 2017, DOI j.solmat.2017.06.022